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Effective Meetings:

Welcome to the Board Room

An effective meeting brings people together to determine strategy and make decisions that advance your goals. But can you say that is true of every board meeting you attend? If you're like most boards... probably not.

This guide will share key requirements for effective meetings and outline how your board can make every meeting count.

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    “We waste so much time in meetings. And now – post Zoom – you can’t even mute the person talking! This guide is designed to help you make agendas of consequence and hold meetings that really make a difference for the people who live and work in your community.”

    Ken Haycock

    Executive Director

    What you get:

    A 30-page e-book in .pdf format that includes my best tips for ensuring that every board meeting is effective and never feels like a waste of time.

    What is it all about?

    Have you ever been to a board meeting that felt like it was a waste of time? This ebook is designed to eliminate that feeling.

    Discover when to meet, and when to use one of the alternatives I outline for you. Learn about the responsibilities of the chair, the role of the agenda, what the agenda should include, and how an effective meeting is run.

    By applying the tips in this ebook, you will walk away from every meeting satisfied, knowing that the quality of life in your community was improved as a result of your being there.

    Better Boards. Better Communities.