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Lessons Learned and Next Steps

Ensuring sustainable resources is one of your core unique functions as a board. It's also one of most challenging.

This guide will share key lessons and strategies to get the support you need from funders and decision-makers that will keep you moving forward in your mission!

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    Advocacy is a planned, deliberate, sustained effort to develop understanding and support incrementally over time. If your board has struggled with advocacy, this guide is for you.

    Ken Haycock

    Executive Director

    What you get:

    A 26-page e-book in .pdf format that includes my best tips for securing the relationships and resources that your board needs to keep moving forward and accomplishing your mission for years to come.

    What is it all about?

    You board has 4 unique functions. One of these core responsibilities is to ensure sustainable and sustaining resources. Why? To achieve your mission.

    Advocacy is the process by which this essential outcome is achieved. It's also one of the things that boards struggle with the most.

    In this guide, I'm sharing the lessons learned on advocacy though extensive research and decades of experience. Not only will you learn the most important keys to ensuring sustainable resources, I'll give you the next steps to really make it happen.

    Better Boards. Better Communities.